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Arquiste's Carlos Huber on Capturing History in a Bottle


 SUZY: The Arquiste perfumes launched in 2011 to great acclaim, and the buzz has been building ever since, so you must be thrilled! Did you have doubts before launching the range that people would "get" the concept of a line of fragrances devoted to capturing specific moments in history?

CARLOS: "Thank you! I am indeed thrilled and very grateful. And of course I had doubts! I think it’s healthy to prepare yourself for whatever happens. I certainly was hoping that people would get the whole of it and I think we proved that we have the ‘product’ to accompany the concept; not just a 'pitch.' In the end, it’s all about honesty…I really wanted to share what I was looking for in a fragrance: an inspiring concept and high-end fragrance that doesn’t lose seriousness through its development."

SUZY: Could you explain to our readers the process you go through at Arquiste when first creating the perfumes? What comes first, the dominant notes you want to use, or the particular historical event you want to capture?

CARLOS: "It starts with a story: a visit to a site that you just can’t forget, or the discovery of a story that you want to experience yourself. I personally love reading history: looking into a specific era or period and digging in: What clothing were the characters wearing and what foods were they eating? What was the building they were in made of? What was the vegetation around them? The answers to these questions make it easier to 'experience' the time and place, and it is a cue to look into scents and materials of that particular time, which we then use in the perfume formulation. It’s that olfactive experience that we want to interpret and 'restore.'" (clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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