sábado, dezembro 08, 2007

Conversation with Andy Tauer at Pitti Immagine Fragranze

During Pitti Immagine Fragranze I could once again meet up with Andy Tauer; the outstanding independent perfumer from Switzerland. He was there to present his new trio of fragrances, named “Pentachords”: White, Auburn and Verdant, three creations made of five notes each (Penta is the Greek word for five), and all synthetic.  No flowers, no resins, no vetiver: a completely new approach from what he had been doing in these years. Aldehydes and woody musk’s take the stage in all three compositions with interesting effects of light and texture, but they offer completely different experiences:

White is soft and comfortable, Auburn is warmer and caressing, Verdant is intensely woody-green. How did you compose them? And above all… why?
In recent years I've been growing a lot and I started feeling boring at the idea of repeating my usual paths. I choose the challenge, to see if I could create interesting fragrances with only a restricted number of molecules. I felt I was ready to expose myself, with a completely different approach”.  Perfumes you created so far pair synthetic notes and gorgeous natural raw materials of excellent quality, aren't you afraid of creating something so unconventional, far away from what people expect from you?  (clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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