sexta-feira, dezembro 14, 2007

Interview with JoAnne Bassett, a Natural Perfumer

By: Elena Knezhevich

JoAnne Bassett is an independent perfumer from California. For a long time she worked as a stock broker and never even thought of perfumery as her call and profession. But a creative sparkle, if only it exists in a person, will always find a way to break out. It will cause you to tirelessly explore unless you feel happy with what you do. We meet our future in childhood, inexplicably enjoying in our awakening abilities to do something or see, think, feel. Sometimes it seems so unreal when we look back and measure the distance.

JoAnne was raised on a big farm in Minnesota, among dozens of varieties of flowers and blooming trees, in the loving embrace of a family who valued traditions and enjoyed living. The house was filled with the delicious smells of baked goods, flower aromas and perfumes. (clique aqui para ler a entrevista)

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