domingo, dezembro 09, 2007

Exclusive Interview with Miriam Vareldzis of 40notes

The market for Niche and Indie fragrances has never been bigger than it is right now. Every so often, an Independent perfumer comes along with an impeccably tailored line that delivers on all fronts - exquisite fragrance, exceptional packaging, and an overwhelming attention to detail. This Fall, with the launch of her fragrance line, 40notes, Miriam Vareldzis proves to us that, indeed, "Love is in the details." I recently sat down with my friend Miriam for this exclusive Interview, her first with The Perfume Magazine.
TPM:  You were not originally trained as a Perfumer, but you and I both share similar training as Interior Architects. Do you think there is a connection to our interest in perfume and design?
MV: Absolutely! For me, I can sum it up in two words: Creativity and Beauty! I see perfume as beautiful design.  For some people, myself included, a beautifully designed space can have an immediate physical or emotional effect, through its light, proportion, use of materials, colors, and textures. I feel the creation of scent is exactly the same, only more personal, emotional, and visceral. Perfume is literally ‘inhaled’ and taken into our bodies; its effect is instantaneous and physiological.  Both architecture and perfume can have a profound effect on us, and with perfume, we literally take that creation into our being.  And the creative process for a fragrance or an interior space is not that dissimilar… quite the contrary. It is very similar.  But that’s another interview! (clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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