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Interview with Martine Micallef of Parfums M.Micallef: Love and Happiness

It is a great honor to 'meet' Martine Micallef who has been creating some of my favorite fragrances for over a decade. In this exclusive CaFleureBon interview (and one that is rarely granted) we are introduced to a woman, an artist, a wife and a mother who embodies the expression love and happiness.   

For the readers who aren’t familiar with you  or your background, please introduce yourself 
MM: I am Martine Micallef, and I live with my Husband Geoffrey Nejman, in GRASSE. I was born in NICE in 1961. We have 4 daughters and one boy.
I co-founded the company PARFUMS M MICALLEF with my husband in 1997, and since the very first day, it has been a “ joint venture” of love and passion in all we do and how we live .(clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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