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Interview with Amanda and Simon Brooke; Grossmith

Owners of English Perfume House, Grossmith 

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Amanda and Simon Brooke of Grossmith about the perfumery business that they miraculously resurrected. Their story is an amazing journey so please join us in this special in-depth interview. The Perfume Magazine warmly welcomes Grossmith London- Raphaella Barkley

Grossmith was founded in the City of London in 1835 and enjoyed a reputation for producing the finest perfume in the world. It played a significant part in the development of modern perfumery and occupied an important place as a fine English perfume house at a time when English perfumery rivaled that of France.

In the 1900s Grossmith had Royal Warrants from a Queen of England, the King of Spain and the Royal Court of Greece and presented its top of the range products in Baccarat crystal.

The gradual decline of Grossmith began in the 1920s with the deaths of two family members who were Grasse-trained perfumers. In 1940 Grossmith’s City of London premises were destroyed and the world entered a long period of austerity when raw materials of the quality Grossmith required were no longer available.

A brief period of success with synthetic perfumes like White Fire was followed by production of novelty soaps and eventually the company stopped trading in the early 1980s. A dormant company called J. Grossmith was all that was left.

TPM: Amanda and Simon, Is this correct and where do you then come in? Tell us a little history; you are the great - great grandson of the founder, John Grossmith, correct?(clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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