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Zen Against the Chaos - Geza Schoen

Geza Schoen
By: Serguey Borisov

I have been always surprised by the popularity of the Escentric Molecules project. To buy one molecule online, dilute it in alcohol and sell it—isn't it too simple for a perfume art? Who would ever buy it?  But it is a fact that the number of loyal customers of the brand developed by Geza Schoen continues to grow every year. Customers and sellers talk about the sensual powers of Escentric Molecules fragrances (code for "aphrodisiac").  I met Geza at Esxence 2012 in Milan and we talked about his work.

Serguey Borisov: Geza, tell me the truth: is Escentric Molecules a joke?
Geza Schoen: Yes, if you want, but for me this project was a very logical step. Iso E Super has been included in 95% of my perfumes, I love to work with it. I can call it the best perfume material from the price/radiance/longevity point of view. Ambroxan and vetiveril acetate are also very popular in modern perfumery. I decided to create abstract perfume-auras, almost invisible. But I couldn't imagine that "molecules" would become so popular.

Serguey: If people like it, the joke has turned. But could we call perfumes made of one molecule a perfume art?

Geza Schoen: I always choose zen rather than chaos. The same is with food:  two to three good ingredients which go well together are better than a mess of different nuances. Only then you can enjoy the taste of each of them. In the modern world we are overwhelmed with information. New signals reach us from everywhere, sometimes contradicting with each other. Complex aromas with epic development only complicate our world even more. It's important to get relaxation at least at home, to make a cocoon of peace and cleanliness around yourself. Escentric Molecules fragrances are made for that—a special personal relaxing aura. (clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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