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Interview with Mona Di Orio of Mona Di Orio Perfumes

Mona Di Orio fragrances have always enjoyed a cult following among a select group of the cognoscenti. Mystery surrounded her inaugural line (reminding me of another Mona) from its launch to the present. One day they were at Bergdorf Goodman, Aedes and other shoppes in NYC. Then poof they were gone. There were even rumors the House was going out of business. But Mona loyalists ordered from her website and stayed true. Now a new direction of Mona Di Orio fragrances have been welcomed by many and appeal to a wider niche audience- Les Nombres d'Or. I fell in love with Musc and Ambre, and found them to be beautifully constructed (and for me personally just as complex as her previous line but infinitely more wearable). In this interview Mona reveals herself, so that her fragrances have a context for those who are unfamiliar with her work, for those who are dissapointed by the new direction and those like myself and Mark Behnke who applaud it.
You were born in France to a Spanish mother and an Italian father what aspect of each culture has influenced you olfactive and personally?

It’s above all a deep Mediterranean influence. My grandmothers and my mother are all excellent cooks and I spent a lot of time observing them when they were in their kitchen or going with them to the market, I was always trying to touch and smell the fruits and vegetables. Indeed the market is the first place I visit when I travel, it informs me about the habits and customs of the country. Our meals were always full of flavor, color and happiness.(clique aqui para ler a entrevista completa)

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