sexta-feira, dezembro 15, 2006

200 Stairs To Fragrant Heaven - Welcome to Grasse

Grasse is a charming town in the Alpes - Maritimes in France, located about 40 minutes drive from Cannes. It is built on the steep cliffs of the fragrant Provence, so if you decided to pay a visit to the town and walk its narrow streets, you are in for a hike. You can expect 200 stairs and a very steep climb from the Grasse bus and railway station at the foot of the town, to the centre which is located 350 meters above the sea level. A visit to this wonderful town will bring a completely new experience, especially if you're a fan of perfumery and you enjoy lovely fragrances and scents. The city of Grasse is considered the world’s capital of perfumery, known for its industry from 18th century until today and being one of the main centers of perfumery in France. Many world-famous perfumers have been trained in Grasse or at least spent some time there. (clique aqui para ler o artigo completo)

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