sábado, dezembro 23, 2006

Scented Choices

The marketing killed the perfume. The perfume kills the marketing.

Prepare yourself for a revolution and a new order with 2012 when everything will be re arranged as it should be. Consumer, scent, creator is the new paradigm. During several years, the number of launches increased with a dramatic speed. Everybody was complaining, even myself. Wouldn't be more correct to complain today about lacking the financial resources than complaining about a world which is changing?

Today, as I expressed in the Top 8 of 2011, I am extremely happy there are so many new brands, ideas, perfumes. I complain only that I cannot get them in time. In fact, I'm rather happy I was playing in a garden three decades ago because life and perfume was not fun at all in those days. With such a small number of launches, with so much trouble if you want to smell a perfume in a traditional perfumery, that was probably the hell, even in Paris. I do not like to get bored and smell the same small selection when even nature is changing. Because there so many brands and so many perfumes today, some will probably disappear in 5 years. But this is the best thing, honorable death is better than decay. Do you realize the pain of Edmond Roudnitska? He learned his art with the masterpieces of Coty and Houbigant but saw them mutilated starting with the mid 50's both in terms of scent and design. Those horrible versions of Emeraude, Chypre, Aimant in plastic bottles are still available on eBay with their cheap essence, like those hideous drugstore versions of Dana classic perfumes or the Schiaparelli in the 70's.(clique aqui para ler o artigo completo)

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