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Jean-Francois Laporte Passed Away

By: Elena Knezhevich

Very sad news came to us. One of the greatest perfumers of our time, Jean-Francois Laporte, has passed away. Jean-Francois Laporte always stood for perfumery as an art.  He was among first who offered an alternative to mass perfumery by founding L'Artisan Parfumeur in 1976. He made it famous, then left to meet new challenges while trying to revive the art of perfumery. In 1988, Jean-Francois Laporte founded the house of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, inspired by the great French perfumers of the 17th and 18th century. Now the house is owned by Jean-Paul Millet Lage, who had been taught by Jean Laporte. After leaving his second successful project, Jean Laporte continued his way futher to the roots of perfumery, he founded Le Jardin du Parfumeur in Burgundy (according to Denyse Beaulieu).

Guidied by his passion of reviving the true perfume art, Jean Laporte couldn't abide the compromises between art and comercial perfume-making.  He narrowed the meaning of niche perfumery until he came to its very sources—a blooming garden. Jean Laporte, as a true artist, made his way without advertizing his every step.  His talent didn't need the attention of the masses, but being so bright, he always enjoyed it. Thanks to him, we now enjoy great L'Artisan Parfumeur creations, the most celebrated of them being  Mure et Musc, an iconic fruity fragrance. But the most important thing is that he gave us the opportunity to try something different. Rest in Peace!

Jean-Paul Millet Lage:
"With the team of Maître Parfumeur et Gantier, I am sad to announce the death of Jean François Laporte, creator of our brand in 1988. 
He created a wonderful fragrance, original, unique and representative of the quality of expertise of the French perfumery world. Precursor to the world of niche perfumes, he opened this beautiful path of artistic perfumery also named  perfumery of autors. For many years, he had retired from business but Maître Parfumeur et Gantier continues to follow his teaching, as in our creations, I am guided by the high standard he taught me.
I offer his family our sincere condolences and the assurance of our feelings deeply saddened.


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