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Choosing Fragrance - Influences Behind the Purchase

By: Elena Knezhevich, Jodi Battershell, Ida Meister

At the recent Elements Showcase, on Tuesday, January 31st, W Magazine presented their panel discussion, this time scrutinizing how consumers choose fragrance. This was a rather potentially heated topic, as scentlovers can well imagine.

Opening query: What determines how you buy fragrance?
     What do consumers desire?
  Pamela felt very strongly that there were three primary categories of buyer: the Fragrance Junkie, the Gift-Giver, and the Prestige Purchase. Fragrance Junkies are the well-initiated, passionate perfumistas who are always searching for the next wonderful scent to sniff. Gift-Givers are those who wish to please by buying a celeb scent that might be "safe." Prestige Purchases are driven by the names which carry clout and cachet.
Sarah has been "in the business" well over 20 years [she and I met in Boston, on Newbury Street—a long, long time ago]. She is sought out and feels that the Internet has educated many consumers; they know a great deal more about genre, notes, etc. than ever before. She adds that the niche area is growing, especially in on-line sites, as well as brick-and-mortar; there was a 12 % increase last year for bespoke (custom-created) perfumes alone.
MJ cagily [and sagely] observed that merely reading notes in perfumes and blogger reviews didn’t prepare her at all for the reality of the scents described! She wisely advises the more caveat emptor approach: sample before you purchase. She felt that a great deal of the mystique of perfume is lost in the listing of notes.
Eddy and Paul (who won the FiFi for Odin Amanu) feel that every part of the scent experience is significant; those who sell should be knowledgeable about the jus, the packaging, the bottles, but in the final analysis, the customer should be allowed to experience each step without intrusion.
Olivia mused upon the delights of artistic collaboration, and how many ways it might be achieved. Her Attache Moi ("Tie-me-up!") parfum began while drawing inspiration from extraordinary bracelets, and also as a nod to Bon Marché. Some of the partners involved included Serge Mansau [he designed the bottle!] and perfumers Christine Nagel and Benoist Lapouza. (clique aqui para ler o artigo completo)

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