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Entrevista com Serge Lutens

Uma entrevista com Serge Lutens realizada através de perguntas feitas por leitores do blog fragrantica.com. Esperem sua usual exentricidade...mas afinal todos gênios são excêntricos, não?

By: Elena Knezhevich and Jodi Battershell

Dear readers! Serge Lutens answered questions we compiled from the questions of our readers from three Fragrantica sites and Punmiris.com

Maestro, I love you and your creations! Thank you for existing! (from me and readers)
Serge Lutens: Thank you for loving me. I do not know if I deserve it. My best to you and and your loved ones!

Almost all niche brands now have their oud fragrance. Do you plan to create your own oud scent?

Serge Lutens: I have been working on an oud scent for over twenty years. The wood is very rich, which allows a number of variations, from the most animalized, to the more woody when they move away from the beast. I have a whole stock of oud perfumes but this is called into questioned so far by the laws of IFRA. While for the moment, it is tolerated, it may be prohibited at any time. We must therefore resolve the issue of regulation. People take some care to know if I could one day or not release this collection from my reserve.

With the release of Serge Noire, you said it is your favorite fragrance. Is this still so?
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